Management Services

Property management

Day to Day

Market success for real estate is having the right product in the right location at a competitive price. Effective property management is an important component in this value proposition.
Capstone Quadrangle performs all aspects of property management; employing state-of-the art technology while applying knowledge of buildings and their systems (mechanical, electrical, automation, etc.) to provide a safe and comfortable environment for tenants. We keep our properties operating smoothly through:

  • tenant relations
  • expense tracking
  • systems operations and maintenance
  • proper contracting of services
  • tracking of competition
  • consulting

Management Decisions

Caring for a real estate investment requires constant vigilance to preserve and enhance the asset’s value.  Capstone Quadrangle pays attention to the bottom line by assessing how well a building operates and identifying ways to improve things.  Facilities are a combination of many systems working together to provide comfort, safety and security; and a variety of service providers that clean, maintain and repair.

The competitive posture of a building in the market is affected by operating costs.  Through coordination of systems and service providers, CQ keeps facilities running efficiently and economically.  Our attention toward operating costs is simple: lower operating costs can mean higher net rent, and that translates to better investor returns at market rent rates.  A corollary is that good service increases tenant retention, and this can result in lower turn-over and a strong market reputation.

Asset management

Ownership Decisions

Capstone Quadrangle makes ownership and investment decisions as a normal course of business, and to our clients we bring an industry-centered perspective they don’t often hear.  We use our knowledge and experience to identify opportunities, assemble the necessary resources, and assess financial options; all with the objective of delivering value to the market.  When working with clients, CQ assists them in understanding and evaluating their real estate holdings.  Below is a partial list of the services we have provided to clients as well as our own projects:

  • Equity Investment Analysis
  • Asset Inventory and Assessment
  • Repositioning Strategies
  • Ownership Formation and Documentation
  • Off Balance Sheet Financing
  • Sale / Leaseback Arrangements
  • Market Analysis
  • Real Estate Acquisition Analysis
  • Asset Disposition Strategies
  • Financial Analysis of Asset Ownership Options