Historic Monument Park awaits Dedication

Posted on May 18, 2021 in Insights
Historic Monument Park awaits Dedication

Construction work on the Historic Monument Park has finished, and the monument sign is installed.  The park is situated on the north bank of Oak Creek near Wisconsin Union Railroad’s original 1872 creek crossing.  The rail bridge was abandoned in 1906, when the track was moved 950 feet to the east (where the rail still runs).  The monument sign, held vertical by real steel track rails, conveys the local history in three storylines:

  • The Tishendorfs and Bartels – land owners that farmed the land for generations
  • The Wisconsin Union Railroad
  • Ryan Road Namesake

The Historic Monument Park features limestone blocks quarried in the 1870’s and used as abutments for the original railroad bridge.  The blocks were resurrected during the 2019 Bartel Court construction, and placed in the park and along the creek.  The Park, which will tie in with future development of land along Ryan Road, is located adjacent to a Milwaukee County Transit stop, and features a picnic area.  Follow this link for the Historical Monument Text at RBP 2020.